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Welcome to our farm and to our website.  Strawberry Hill Farm is our family farm where we live and grow over 50 types of organic vegetables and berries plus organic pasture raised livestock.   We believe that the fewer the chemicals used to grow our food the better from the point of view of our families' health, the health of our workers, the environment, and for the sake of our many customers who enjoy the vegetables, berries, and other farm products.

Our main focus is on growing vegetables, fruits, and berries for our weekly vegetable boxes during the summer plus enough to supply a modest winter delivery program.  We have cows to utilize portions of the farm that we cannot crop and we keep pigs on pasture in the summer.   We raise broiler chickens and keep a flock of laying hens also on pasture in the summer as a key part of nutrient cycling and crop rotation creating an organic farm system where the many parts work together to produce high quality nutritious food.

You can learn more about us and about the farm by going to the About Us page listed in the website header.  

The majority of our vegetables are sold through Our Weekly Boxes program. We are offering this program at select locations in the Fredericton, Woodstock, Nackawic, Moncton, Hartland, and Florenceville.  When you go to the Sign Up page you will be able to choose box size along with delivery locations pick up times and days of the week.  You will have your own personal customer profile on our website from where you can see past orders, future orders, and from where you can add additional items to your box.

If you have any trouble with your account or forget a password, just let us know and we can help you get set up.

This above box is a picture of a mid summer box from last summer.

This box to the left was an early July box.  The first boxes have more greens and fewer items until more crops mature.  Generally by the fourth box of the season the boxes fill out to 10-12 items weekly and the value is more than made up for in the remainder of the boxes through the summer and fall.

Below is a sample of a winter box.   There is more information and more pictures under the Box Options tab above or you can click the Sign Up tab to Order your box right away.

Feel free to send us an email from the email link at the bottom of the page.  We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter using the links at the base of the page.