Strawberry Hill Farm / About Us


The Farm:

We purchased the farm in the summer of  2011, and are now in our fourth full year growing vegetables and making a living from the farm.  The farm is close to Woodstock yet still in the country.  It is adjacent to Route 105 with an old farmhouse up on the hill overlooking the Saint John River.  The farm land is very varied with many different soil types and terrains making it a beautiful place with lots of potential.  It has required a lot of work to get up and going again, but there is a lot of promise and we are enjoying the challenge of bringing the productivity back. 

The farm is located on Strawberry Hill Road in Pembroke, New Brunswick.  Although we do grow some strawberries, that is not our main crop.  This farm has a long history of strawberries from as far back as the 30s and 40s with the Monteith's growing Strawberries until 1946 when Doug and Mary Patterson bought the farm.  We bought the farm from their son Jimmy who with his wife Lynn had also raised their family here and had raised a lot of Strawberries down through the years.   The Pattersons were well loved and respected in the community, so the name captures their history and the history of this farm.  We frequently meet people who fondly remember picking berries in the summer or otherwise spending time with the Pattersons.



Tim and Kirsten Livingstone:  

Tim grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and helped with the care of a variety of livestock.  He also managed pasture for grazing sheep.  His family grew a big vegetable garden every year as he was growing up.  He worked for about 20 years in the greenhouse industry primarily raising bedding plants.  In 2001 he started with the production of organic soils and then compost and compost teas.  In 2003 Tim and Kirsten took training in soil biology and biological farming.  This training continued into 2006 meanwhile Tim worked with growers, landscapers, and farmers to use more biological methods of growing and incorporate compost teas, etc.  Ever since his time with the sheep, he's wanted to have the opportunity to manage pasture again and he loves to take on the challenge of growing crops, now all organically.  Tim also spent three years as the grower for Jolly Farmer's outdoor vegetables and was heavily involved in their weekly box program.  We are now in our third growing season on this farm.

Kirsten grew up in New Hampshire and worked in the greenhouse industry for many years as well.  She took laboratory training and water purification courses putting her in good stead for when she and Tim went to Oregon to learn the Soil Foodweb methods of biology testing.  Kirsten has always been one to take on a challenge.  In the early 1990s she grew sweet potatoes because she was told it was not possible where she lived in New Hampshire.  She is an excellent cook and enjoys interaction with people.  She has helped with Tim with a variety of jobs involving growing and soil biology.




Elton is our oldest son.  He is 16 years old, loves to work on fixing up old things, and likes dogs.  In the photo to the right Elton is putting the snow blower on our old Massey Fergusen lawn tractor.




Our daughter Nollie, is fifteen and enjoys looking after the pigs on pasture.  She also helps out with a variety of other jobs.


Bruce is our youngest son at age 5.  He likes to be a part of any activity on the farm.


Nollie and Bruce are so excited to have found the first two eggs from our chickens.  It has been almost 6 months' wait!



Norton and Annie are Kirsten's parents and have built a house on a lot taken from the farm.  They are a real support and are helping us as they are able.  Norton was in the coast guard as a young man and has worked on electronics and radios throughout his adult life.  He's also done surveying and a wide variety of carpentry and building jobs.  Annie is a very artistic person and has done catalog layouts, web design, and other promotional literature work for the last 35 years.  She has also managed small stores from time to time and is now helping to manage our farm retail stand located on the farm by route 105 here in Pembroke.  Norton loves carpentry and Annies loves to paint in her spare time.  Her paintings are on display and sold through our roadside stand plus several other locations in the neighborhood.