Strawberry Hill Farm / Bi-Weekly Winter Veggies



During the winter we offer boxes every other week skipping an extra week over the Holiday Season.  We will deliver these boxes to a central location or you can choose to have them delivered to your home for an additional fee.  A full box is designed to provide two weeks worth of fresh greens plus storage vegetables for a family of four or for two veggie lovers.  A half box designed for a family of two or one veggie lover.

We supply a swap box at the point of pick up from which a customer may swap one vegetable for another that they like better. This allows individuals to customize their box should they wish to.

Our winter vegetable boxes will contain fresh winter greens including spinach, leafy lettuce mix, and kale as long as possible through the winter months.  There will also be a steady supply of storage vegetables including a rotation of sweet potatoes, carrots, several types of squash, cabbage, leeks, Brussels sprouts, onions, garlic, celeriac, regular potatoes, and parsnips.  We hope to supply the greens in every box by using a little heat in our greenhouse to keep the quality good.

We have a retired bus that we have converted into our mobile pick up station so we can park in a central location in Fredericton and our customers can come to the bus to get their box.  Customers who pick up from our bus can also pre-order extra meats that will be delivered along with their veggie box.

When we get closer to the time of delivery, the contents of each weekly box will be posted under the Boxes tab of the website.

There are two payment plans.  You can pay up front by November 1 to get the best price or you can pay in two installments.  

A full box costs $41.50 per week ($332 per season) up front and $43.25 per week if paying with installments

A half box costs $28.25 per week ($226 per season) up front and $29.75 per week if paying with installments

There is also a $2/wk transportation discount available if you come out to the farm to pick up your box or a $2.50/wk charge if you are ordering for pick up in Grand Falls or in Moncton.

When you sign up, you are signing up to take 8 boxes; a box every other week (skipping one extra week over the Holidays) for the 17 week period.  If you are going to be away during this time, feel free to have a friend pick up your box for you.  If you wish to have your box donated, send us an email ahead of delivery so we can donate it to Harvest House or another service providing food for needy families.


We have 2 pick up locations in Fredericton, 3 pick up locations in Moncton/Dieppe, one in each of Nackawic, Centreville, and Grand Falls in addition to picking up at our farm.  When you click the "Sign Up" tab, you will be asked to choose which location you would like your box dropped off at.   If you wish to see these locations, just go to the page and you can click the drop down menu to check them all out including their days and times.