Strawberry Hill Farm / Our Laying Hens

Our laying hens enjoy summer out on the grass.  We move them regularly to give them access to green grass with all the grubs and worms they can find.  




At night they have a house that gives them comfortable perches where they can roost.  



Their custom built nest boxes placed conveniently on the side of their house gives them a secluded place to lay their eggs.  It is designed with a sloping floor on which the eggs roll out the back, keeping them clean and making them easy to collect.



Kirsten, who does most of the care, is collecting eggs in this photo.  

Not only are the hens happy, their eggs are also of superior quality with bright yellow yolks during the summer time due to the fresh green grass.  In winter their yolks are not quite as yellow, but we still give them hay to peck around in to give them as much of the "green grass" benefit as we can.  

The other benefit of the moveable pasture system is that they leave their fertility behind building the soil.  We follow them with vegetables the next year after the soil biology has done its work to convert the nutrients into rich healthy soil.