Strawberry Hill Farm / Pigs

We raise pigs on pasture each summer.  Pigs are really a lot of fun and have quite a personality.  They love to root around in the soil and look for worms, roots, and bugs.  

The pigs also enjoy vegetable treats from time to time - vegetables that are not top quality for sale but which the pigs love!




Pigs love water and mud too.  They can't sweat so the water and mud provides a delightfully cool place for them to spend a warm summer day.


As the temperatures cool down in the fall, we give the pigs bales of straw where they love to bury themselves at night.  They even enjoy the snow.  A couple years ago they enjoyed it a bit too much and we had trouble keeping them in their fence but an improved solar fence energizer has solved this.  Rescuing pigs from the main road on a snowy December morning may be exciting, but it is not the preferred way to start a busy day!

After raising pigs outside like this, it is hard to imagine that most pigs spend their entire life in a closed barn on a slatted floor crammed in small pens.  So much so that most pigs have their tails cut off to prevent them from chewing each other's tails off.  This is how bored they become.  Strawberry Hill pigs on the other hand, lead a fun and exciting life.