Strawberry Hill Farm / Meat Boxes and Custom Ordering

We have had a high demand for our organic meats to wholesale markets, through our stand, and as Add-Ons to our vegetable box program at select locations.  In light of this we are unable to offer meat box options at this time but we will review in January and may offer them then. 

All livestock are raised on our farm and are certified organic.  All meats are also organic except the bacon and ham which are cured and smoked by a local butcher so cannot be considered organic.  It is in our long term plan to be able to do all smoking and curing ourselves and be able to offer all cuts and preparations as organic as well.

We have offered a custom order option during the winter months for the last three winters.  Even though we don't have many vegetables during the spring season, we know that many of you would still like to enjoy our meats.

You can sign up for a Custom Order option which allows you to go onto our website weekly and add items from a list on our website.  These items will be delivered along with your regular box.  Because most of the custom orders are frozen meat items, we are only able to offer the custom order add ons at select locations.  These locations include anyone picking up at our stand and anyone picking up from our bus in Fredericton.  There may be other locations as well depending on the particular ability of the that location to hold frozen products.

There is no money down for this option.  You pay after placing your order and we confirm it.