Strawberry Hill Farm / Weekly Summer/Fall Veggies


Our weekly vegetable and fruit boxes are the core of what we offer from the farm.  These boxes are delivered to several central locations in the Fredericton, Woodstock, and Hartland areas.  A full box is designed to provide a week's worth of vegetables for a family of four or for two veggie lovers.  A half box designed for a family of two.  

These boxes are all packed the same, but we supply a swap box at the point of pick up from which a customer may swap one vegetable for another that they like better.  This allows individuals to customize their box should they so wish.

The vegetables, fruit, and berries are organically grown here on our farm except in a rare case where we might need to source other local organic vegetables to cover a shortage.

Here are a few of the regular comments we get on the veggie boxes.

"It is like getting a Christmas box every week"

"Our kids look forward to the veggies coming every week"

"I never get to eat the cherry tomatoes because the kids get to them first"

"I really enjoy having the challenge of using everything in the box each week"

"I've learned to cook with new vegetables I wouldn't have tried and we really enjoy them"

"Your carrots are amazing"

"Your veggies taste like they did when I was a kid" - usually an older person makes this comment.

"You are making our family healthy!"

We have a retired bus that we have converted into our mobile pick up station which we can park in a central location and our customers can come to the bus to get their box and buy any extras we may have on hand.  

When we get closer to the time of delivery, the contents of each weekly box will be posted under the Boxes tab of the website.  You can also view all past boxes by choosing a past date to see what went that week.  This may help you determine which box size is best for you and your family.

There are two payment plans.  You can pay up front by June 8 to get the best price or you can pay in four monthly installments. 

A full box costs $32.50 per week ($650 per 20 week season) up front and $34.25 per week if paying with installments

A half box costs $21.50 per week ($430 per 20 week season) up front and $22.75 per week if paying with installments

There is also a $2/wk transportation discount available if you come out to the farm to pick up your box.  There is a $2.50/wk transportation surcharge for picking up in Moncton.

When you sign up, you are signing up to take a box every week for the 20 week period.  If you are going to be away during this time, feel free to have a friend pick up your box for you.  As much as possible, any boxes that are not picked up, will be donated to Family Services or a local soup kitchen to supply food to needy people.


We have 3 pick up locations in Fredericton, and two in Moncton plus one in Nackawic, Woodstock, Hartland, and Florenceville in addition to picking up at our farm.  When you click the "Sign Up" tab, you will be asked to choose which location you would like your box dropped off at.   If you wish to see these locations, just go to the page and you can click the drop down menu to check them all out including their days and times.  

We park our delivery bus at the larger pick up locations to allow you to pick up right from the bus.  This not only improves the freshness of the vegetables, it also enables us to meet you weekly and to sell extra items that we may have available.  In the winter time or in poor weather, the bus provides shelter from the elements.  In addition to these benefits, it is easy to find in the parking lot!

Here are a number of photos of full (4 person) boxes from our summer program.  A half box generally contains half the portion size as seen in these photos.


Here is a photo of an early season box in early July.  The first boxes have fewer items but most people are still excited to get them since they contain the first, berries, greens and produce of the season.  




This is a late July Box.  As you can see there is a great assortment of veggies by this time of year.




This is an August box.  Organic sweet corn is probably the most popular vegetable we grow.  Customers frequently tell us they have never tasted corn that tastes so delicious!



Here is a September box.  Melons and Cantaloupe are also real favourites of the season.  Many New Brunswickers who come to our stand don't think much of melons or watermelon until they've tried one.  They quickly become repeat customers and now come specially for them.  Melons grown right here are so much better than ones grown half way around the world and brought in by truck.


This is a picture of an October box.  There are lots of great fall vegetables that get sweeter and tastier as the weather gets cold.  The sap of the plants gets thicker, sweeter, and more nutritious in the cold which increases their ability to store and enhances their flavour.