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Winter is here for sure!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Winter sure hit hard over the last week.  Gratefully our storage rooms are staying warm and most veggies are continuing to store well.  The animals and chickens are all set in their winter quarters and actually the snow has helped to insulate and keep the drafts out.

This picture taken today shows the cows happily eating their hay.  The hay pile is to the left so feeding them is really easy.  As the hay pile goes down, we move the fence to give them more room in the barn.


This is one of the twins, the first calves born this spring.  The twins have done really well in spite of the fact that they had to share their mother's milk.  The red Angus from their father's side really comes through in their looks.


As mentioned earlier, this year has been a real learning year for us for our winter salad mix.  People really loved the salad while we had it, but unfortunately it ran out early and the next plantings are still small.  We are hoping they will grow in time for us to supply salad mix again before the winter season is over, but they might not start growing again until late March or April when the weather warms again.  We plan to send some sprouts and shoots to help make up the short fall.  What we cannot make up with fresh greens, we will send preserves that we canned last summer to make up the box values.

Even though it is the middle of winter, there are still lots of great veggies that store well.   We have had many good comments about the carrots!  Here is our supper tonight. Kirsten added celeriac to the potatoes and the eggs are from our chickens.

Speaking of eggs, you will notice that the yolks are getting lighter in color.  This is because fresh green grass is what gave the yolks their bright color.  We give them hay so they can get some of the benefits of grass, but it does not give the yolks the color like the fresh green grass in the summer.  On the flip side, winter eggs are larger than summer eggs so you are getting more egg with every dozen.

We have enjoyed the extra week of break over the holidays and look forward to having a little extra help this week for packing the boxes.