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Sadly your kids can't eat this at school....

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have been working with the Centreville Community School to supply healthy alternatives along with their regular menu.  Kirsten has put together quite a few recipes for them including squash soup, hamburger vegetable soup, leek and potato soup, potato wedges with bacon, and also planned on a sweet potato sausage bake.  We got quite a surprise last week to learn from the school nutritionists that our locally cured bacon from organic pasture raised pigs is of low nutritional value and cannot be served in a school cafeteria.  We were shocked that a small amount of bacon was unacceptable and yet pizza, hamburger, and cookies are apparently no problem.

Well, Kirsten made a really special meal tonight for us including the bacon/potato wedges, marinated pork tenderloin, and a fresh spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette.  It was really special and I feel very privileged to be able to enjoy such a treat. 

Still can't understand why our kids can't have a little bacon on their potato wedges at school but I guess that is why we have professionals to make those decisions....