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Planting Garlic

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

It is time to plant fall garlic again!  We have some really nice garlic to plant this fall.  There is a local garlic expert who is working in Alberta but who had a good harvest this summer.  We have planted almost 100 pounds of his garlic (some of the nicest I've ever seen) for him plus we sourced garlic from Richard Wetmore - another local garlic expert and we saved our best seed as well.

It is always an experience to get out the tractor and make beds in October to plant garlic. There is a mixture of wonder that you are still planting mixed with a satisfaction that it is the last for the season and optimism looking ahead to next summer's great crop!  People going by to vote on Monday (polling station is in the distance) probably thought we were a bit crazy to be planting this late.  Garlic forms its roots in the fall and then is one of the first things up in the spring and grows its new bulb next year.

Busy Spring Season

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have seen a surge in sign ups since the last post!  We'd like to thank all the many customers who have signed up - both those returning and the new ones.  In light of this we plan to keep our original target of 300 summer box customers.  We are almost half way to this goal.

Swiss Chard is coming up well on the right.  Starting it early like this gives us greens earlier in the summer and allows us to plant it on mulch greatly reducing the weed growth.


Our greenhouse is filling up quickly and plants are looking great.  Tomatoes are planted up into 4" pots and many of the cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli and Cauliflower are seeded for the season.  Onions, Shallots and Leeks are doing well and even celery root is looking it's best ever.


There are signs of spring outside too.  Though there is mud and water everywhere, we hope new life and green growth are just around the corner. 

The cows know where to go to find a dry warm spot in the sun.

Pigs know where to go too - at least someone enjoys the mud!

Lots of planting and starting field work

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

After days (and nights) finishing up our accounting Kirsten is enjoying one of her first days out in the greenhouse doing transplanting.  She and Bruce are planting ground cherries, probably Bruce's favorite along with carrots.  

If any of our customers have thoughts about how to streamline our accounting process or even would like to help us with it for an exchange of vegetables, let us know :-).

We have to be very careful not to cultivate the soil when it is too wet or the soil structure will be damaged and we will have problems all year long.  After a careful check last night we were able to do our first field cultivation on our driest fields.  It is so much fun to work the soil, smell the earthy smell, and see the resulting smooth mellow texture.


Busy planting

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

I´m a little delayed at getting this up because Bruce and I are currently out of the country visiting relatives for a few days. 

The end of last week we did a lot of field preparation including seeding of carrots, parsnips, bunching onions, regular onions, etc.  We also covered the cold frames for the cherry tomatoes.



Here is Alex, our newest employee who is helping us until he returns to college in September.  He would like to start his own farm some day.


Alex and Norton are on the planter planting broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts. 


We also planted lettuce, and swiss chard.  It is a busy but rewarding time of year. 


The Growing Season has Officially Started!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone


We have started seeding our transplants for the coming season.  So far we've seeded most of our tomatoes and onions with shallots, leeks, and peppers still to go.  These are being kept warm and cosy in a small germination greenhouse inside the larger one.  

In this photo Nollie is enjoying helping with the seeding.  We have a simple seeder to help place the seeds in the trays, but a little hand work is needed too.


Bruce is too young to help, but he enjoys playing in the large Sandbox!  It is so pleasant and warm inside the greenhouse and a great change from being inside the house.