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Holiday Projects

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We appreciated the chance to slow down over the holidays and spend time with family and friends.  We did do some work as well because work is never done on the farm. 

The snow melted enough that we were able to get about 100 more pounds of kale before this cold snap this week.  Kirsten and I went down in an afternoon and picked through to get the last good kale that was there.

Our squash got cold damage in the field in September.  As a result it is not storing well.  We have the last of the spaghetti squash coming this week and we hope to have one shipment of Delicata squash later on.  We also have a shipment of frozen cut up chunks of butternut squash for later on but we will have to send more sweet potatoes and more spinach and salad mix than in the past due to the reduced amount of squash.  We hope no one minds the adjustments and we are making plans to bring squash in sooner and change our curing methods to hopefully prolong its winter storage next year.

The pigs and cows have gotten used to each other now.  We have a small pen aside from the cows where the pigs can make a hay nest to keep warm.  They had trouble making their nest in the cow pen because the cows would eat the hay.  Having their own pen while still being able to exercise in the much larger cow pen seems to be working well.


3 years ago we got a six month old colt from our neighbor.  He was away for a couple of months getting trained but over the holiday break Nollie and I were able to bring him back.  He still needs quite a bit of training which Nollie will continue here on our farm but he can be ridden and I'm hoping he will be able to help us herd cows next summer.




Here he is getting acquainted with one of the pigs.  Surprisingly he has accepted them much better than the cows did.





When it is cold out, what a better way to keep warm then to have your own private naturally heated bed.....

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