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Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are thankful for the good harvest this fall, the weather to harvest it, strong help to bring it in, and a very nice place to store it.  Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, and potatoes are in storage now with lots more crops still to come.  Today we harvested some really nice leeks as you can see in this picture. We also harvested some of our best ever Fennel bulbs.

Here we are harvesting potatoes. Our harvesting methods are old fashioned (the digger is over 50 years old) but it provides jobs for people who really appreciate the work.  We might get a medium sized harvester some day, but it is not worth a large modern unit for the small amount we grow.


I seeded the winter's salad mix on Saturday inside our greenhouse.  After the tomato crop is finished, we seed salad mix and transplant spinach so that our box customers can enjoy fresh greens all winter long.  There is a lot to learn with winter growing.   In some ways it is like learning to farm all over again.  How much is heat is enough while still being cost effective?  When is the best time to end the tomatoes so we can still have a winter crop of greens?  How much water does it take and how cold can we let it get without crop injury?  Is it better to heat when it is mild out or when it is cold and sunny?  If it is warm in the day and cold at night, do the plants still grow well? We have learned a lot over the past 4 winters but there is still so much to learn.



The strawberries are growing well in the mild fall weather.  Weeding and mulching will help to ensure a good crop next spring.  Making Organic Strawberries pay has continued to be one of our biggest challenges, but this crop is our best looking yet and we are experimenting with several different things so we can learn as much as possible toward next year.



I don't usually post personal pictures on the blog, but many of you have expressed concern over how much we work.  While it doesn't happen very often, we were able to get away last weekend.  Nollie looked after the animal for us so we could take Bruce and spend a couple days at the Bay of Fundy!  As much as we like farming, we appreciate the chance to get away from the 24/7 demands once in a while.

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