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Last week of Summer/Fall Boxes!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have come to the last week of our summer/fall season.  There are still a few crops that need to be harvested but over all we are in the best position we have been so far since owning the farm.  It looks like almost everything will be harvested by the end of next week except greenhouse crops and kale and possibly some Brussels sprouts.

Our Jamaican hands will be heading home in a little over a week.  They have a difficult time with the cold but unlike us, they can head home and enjoy a warm winter down south!  Don't you think we need to give them a little taste of winter so they know how fortunate they are all winter?  They are hoping to witness some real snow before they leave.  We on the other hand are not quite so keen on it....

On the topic of snow though, this time last year we were buried in about a foot of snow.  A little rainy weather is certainly much better than snow when it comes to harvesting crops!

We would like to extend a big Thank you to all this year's summer/fall box customers!  We have filled more weekly boxes than ever and have had lots of support with so many great comments.  All of this has been possible because there are so many of you who want to eat well and support local farms and who are willing to cook.  We understand that it takes real commitment to keep up with cooking the weekly flow of vegetables.  I hope this has paid off for you and your families and been worth the effort.  We certainly appreciate every single customer who has made this season possible and also those who are making the commitment through the winter.

Our winter program is now about 85% sold and starts in just over two weeks.  If anyone would still like to get in on winter boxes, I'd suggest you sign up soon before we sell out.  In spite of increasing our program we sold out of summer boxes before the start of the season and it looks like it may happen with our winter boxes too.

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