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Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes all out of the Ground

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

It has been a very busy week but we are very glad that all the potatoes and sweet potatoes are now out of the ground.  I took this picture from the tractor seat.  Kenebec potatoes were the last to come out of the ground but also one of the best yielding varieties.  Kenebec is a variety we used to grow when I grew up in New Hampshire but I've only once tried growing them up here in '98.  Glad we grew them again because they are a great eating potato and they have done really well.  The potato digger you see here is no longer serviced by John Deere because it is over 50 years old but it is still much better than digging by hand.  All the large farms now have huge harvesters, but I'm sure many older people will remember picking up potatoes like this, especially if they grew up in Carleton county.  I was chatting with a man (over 80 years old now) at church on Sunday and he told me that he picked up 130 barrels (almost 4 tonnes) of potatoes in one day when he was young!  None of us can compete on that level...

We have some really amazing salad mix ready in one of our tunnels.  Bruce and I picked some for last night's supper and cut up peppers into it making a really great salad.  We picked all the peppers we could before they got damaged by the frost so we plan to send extra in the boxes this week so you can enjoy them as long as possible.


Kirsten's mom Annie loves to paint and has made some really beautiful cards.  We are going to have a selection of these cards on the bus and we hope to be able to offer them on our website too.   For those of you coming to the bus, be sure to take a look when you pick up your box and for those of you who pick up at other locations, we'll try to get pictures on our website so you can enjoy them as well.  We are also considering offering Christmas decorations for the holiday season if there is enough interest.  We have lots of fir on the farm and the project would give Annie and Nollie something artistic to do together.

I took this picture in our squash, onion, and sweet potato storage room tonight.  It is really good to see full storage rooms especially as we see our winter box numbers filling up quickly.  At the current rate of sign ups, it looks like our winter program will be full before the program starts in just 5 weeks.

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