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All livestock on the grass now!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We moved the last of the animals out of the barn today!  It is good to see the barn empty and all the animals enjoying the fresh grass.  Looks like we can stop feeding hay as well.

This first picture shows my golf bag with fencing supplies and the cows in the background.  We like to use temporary moveable fencing for the cows because it is cost effective and easy to move.  The golf bag can be worn like a backpack and carries all the supplies needed and the twine fence is a poly wire with metal strands that can be easily rolled up and unrolled with the simple spool.

Our larger flock of organic hens are in the hoophouse and the colt is in the background.  We'd tried to put the colt out before but he ran through the fence.  Elton put up three strands this time and so far so good.  The hens can come out, but they are a bit timid.  That will change in a day or two.


Last, but not least, peas went into the ground today!  Our first seeding in the field.

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