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Almost Half Way!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

This week brings our box customers their 10th box of the season so after this week's box, we are exactly half way through!  

The recent rain has moistened things up quite well and soil conditions are again perfect for planting.  Today was busy with seeding some next year's plots.  Looks like we will be in  a lot better position for soil fertility with the blocks we are preparing.  The buckwheat we plant today will help improve the soil and decrease the weeds for next year's gardens.

We took a couple days off this weekend while family and friends watched the farm.  It was great to be able to spend a couple days at the beach as a family.  This morning was the first morning that felt like fall was on its way.  I've never seen so many spider webs in the grass, heavy with dew.  Once the fog burned off, however, it was summer again.


These cooler nights will help the cole crops and lettuce, both of which have not done well in the heat over the past month.  The last planting of broccoli and cauliflower is looking really great - guess it is a case of better late than never...



We have all kinds of wild apple trees on the farm.  I'm trying to figure out something productive to do with them.  I'm sure they were great apples in their time, but with the newer apple varieties on the market today, these would no longer be considered as eating apples.  If we had a press, we could make apple cider.  We could make apple sauce or apple jelly, but we would have a very large amount to sell...  For now, the cows and the horse love them.

Looks like we will have some sweet corn for about two more weeks.  We have some at the roadside stand this week and we'll plan to put it in the boxes again next week or the following.  Melons are also winding down.  Flavor has been exceptional on the melons this season.


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