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Posted on by Tim Livingstone

I thought we were safe from hurricanes living way up in Canada and 2 hours from the coast!  This just gives me a lot more appreciation for those people who have to regularly go through this and worse.  I don`t think we will lose too much from the crops even though they are a bit torn up by the wind.  Gratefully we did not lose any structures or greenhouses - just a door on our greenhouse.  

I`m at an employees home writing this tonight since our internet, phone, and power are still down since Saturday morning.  Cell phone service came back on this afternoon which was great. 

The screen came off the pepper tunnel and this is how the plants look.  As you can see, they are blown a bit, but I think they will be OK.  We just hope they don`t abort their young fruit - peppers can tend to do this.

Zucchini, Summer Squash, and cucumbers are also wind blown quite badly but again, I think they will spring back.  We have never had cukes and zucchini this early that I can remember.  For all those new to the program, the yellow zucchini are often called summer squash and are really good in stir fries and can even be roasted on the grill.  We will send recipes in a later update but hopefully google can get you by this week...

Onions were probably some of the hardest hit.  The constant blowing broke a lot of leaves and broke some of the plants right off.  




On a more positive note, we had a very good first cutting of hay and got it all in the barn before the storm.  We now have enough good quality hay in the barn for the entire winter.  If we get a second cut, that will be bonus.



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