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Best Wishes for the New Year!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

It seems like it has been a long time since we did the last box.  We have appreciated a bit of a break, but we have also been busy with snow clearing, attending a fruit and vegetable conference in New England, and getting the animals set for winter (including rescuing pigs from the road).  

We purchased a simple vegetable washer from another local farmer.  It is a great help with washing carrots and other things including kale.  You can see the dirty carrots in the washer and the clean ones in the green boxes after just a few minutes of washing.


We sent our first batch or organic pigs to be processed along with our first organic calves born here on the farm.  The butcher was pleased with the quality of both the pigs and the beef.  The pigs especially were good quality with low fat considering their size and age.

Here is the meat stacked in our new walk in freezer and we are still waiting for the rest of the hams and bacon.  We had to take the plunge and put in the freezer unit because it was just too much for chest freezers.  This walk-in freezer helps us to store meat, but also helped us to store the kale and brussels sprouts.

We have salad greens and spinach planted in the greenhouse, but the growth has been very slow so we are glad to still have kale for the boxes.  Here we are finishing up bagging the kale last night so we don't have to try to heat the greenhouse during these next few cold days.

We have lots of eggs due to the extra week we skipped over the holiday so if anyone wants to pick up extra eggs, feel free to order them from the Add-On list on our website.  We also plan to have extra on the bus on Thursday and at the Stand tomorrow.


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