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Bi-weekly update

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

The last two weeks have gone very quickly with our winter having been really busy so far with a larger than anticipated winter program and with lots of projects we are working to finish up.  Last week I was in Winnipeg speaking to a group mostly made up of farmers.  The topics included soil biology, compost, compost tea, and cover crops.  It is great to see more and more farmers wanting to work with the life in the soil to produce crops rather than just stick with the standard chemical methods.  The temperatures were down to -22 C and it snowed most of the time.  I'm glad we live in the Maritimes and was glad to step off the plane to +1C.  I know it is only a matter of time 'till it will be cold here too, but -22C is a bit cold for early December!

This week is our last packing week before Christmas and we are looking forward to having a bit of a break over the holidays.

Here is a photo of a delicious dinner Kirsten made using sweet potatoes, potatoes, and smoked sausage.  She bought me a GoPro camera (small camera used to film sports) for an early Christmas present so I've been taking videos of different things around the farm which I hope to be able to share in the near future.

Our beef selection is a bit low because we had to wait until after the hunting season until the butcher was available again.  We expect to have the full compliment of beef plus lots of pork available in the new year.  In the mean time we still have some beef and we have all the cuts of chicken.

Remember to order greenery if you want center pieces or wreaths for the holiday season.

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