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Bicolor Sweet corn and Eggs

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Quick update this week.  Things are growing along well.  Our best bi-color sweet corn is coming in the boxes and is available at the stand.  We expect to have it this week and next so I hope you all enjoy this special treat! 

We have had a problem with the chickens and they stopped laying.  A problem we hope is just temporary.  For some pick up locations where we don't have enough eggs we are going to offer melons and/or hamburger or cash back in replacement.  The chickens are now in the raspberry patch and doing a great clean up job under the bushes now that the harvest is done.  They are slowly starting to lay again and they look really happy so we hope this current shortfall will just be temporary.


Kirsten made some Eggplant fritters and wow were they good. Even though the eggplant fruits were larger than normal, they were tender and amazingly delicious.



We have had people asking us about signing up for our winter program.  We normally open up sign ups for winter in mid - September once we have had a chance to assess our winter crops and make sure we will have a good selection.  So far our winter crops are looking good so we expect to be able to do a similar winter program to what we did last year.  We may even be able to take some additional customers.   We will send out a broadcast email when we are ready to start taking sign ups.

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