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Boxes starting soon!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

For anyone who follows our blog, I guess you can tell we've been busy.  This is one of our earliest fields where we have rapini, beet greens, radish, Chinese cabbage, broccoli cauliflower and more.  We are happy with how things are doing overall.  Even though we had a slow start to the spring, we are pretty much caught up now and it looks like we will have lots of yummy veggies for our first boxes.  First boxes start between June 24 and 26.  

We do still have a little room in our box program for anyone who has yet to sign up.  

I'll try to post pictures soon of our broiler chickens on pasture and of our new hen houses.  Our new flock has started laying but we are a little apprehensive because our eggs are sold out based on full production and they are nowhere near that yet.  They have two weeks to go so we are hoping their production will come up in that time.


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