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Check Out Our New Delivery Bus

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Hello to all.  Sure has been a great day for working outside!  Its great to have spring weather again.

We purchased an older transit bus last fall and we are converting it into our delivery vehicle.  It is currently in Fredericton getting the signs printed and put on.  This picture shows the final mock up design for the wrap.

We are going to do the Fredericton pick ups a little differently than in the past.  As much as possible, we would like to encourage you to pick up directly from our bus, but if the hours do not work out, there are other options available too.  

Tuesdays, the bus will be parked at the Delta auxillary parking lot near downtown Fredericton and Thursdays we hope to have a spot to park on Prospect street or another central location up town.  If we get enough interest in Woodstock or Hartland, we will consider parking there but at this point, it looks like these two locations will be similar to last year in that the boxes will be waiting for you at a pick up spot - not the bus.  When you sign up for your vegetables, you can choose the pick up time and location of your choice.

Picking up directly from the bus will give the following benefits:

We will get to meet you in person each week.

Vegetables will generally be fresher and you will have more free choice items.

You will be able to purchase extras directly from the bus (cash or check to start with).

You will be able to walk right on the bus, get your veggies and be off again, making it quick, easy, and enjoyable.

When you pick up your veggies, berries, and other produce we will ask you to bring your own bags or boxes and leave ours there in the bus.  We will have some bags on hand in case you forget, but this will help us to keep costs down and ensure boxes stay clean.

For those of you who have yet to sign up, we still have good availability, but we recommend you not wait too long.  With the warm sunny weather returning, we are likely to have a lot of sign ups.  You don't have to pay right away, but you should reserve a spot.

Enjoy the Spring weather!



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