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Chickens and cows on pasture again!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

The ground is drying up and I'm hoping to get the driest portions worked up before the rain comes again.  We have some things ready to go into the ground for early crops.  


The last couple days we trained the chickens to the electric fence and today we let them out on grass again.  They really enjoy the green shoots and I'm sure we will see the difference in the eggs.



The cows have been back out on grass for over a week even though there is not much to look at. We still give them some supplemental hay but it is surprising how much they are able to find from last season along with the small green shoots coming up.


We have had several people apply for summer work and have been doing several interviews.  Looks like we will have some really great help this summer - a good mix of young enthusiasm and older maturity...

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