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Cold Weather on its way

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Time to get out the warm underwear again!  I remember when we grew a family garden and the first frost signalled the end of the season.  Now with late plantings and cold hardy crops, frost is simply a transition from summer to fall crops.  The broccoli and cauliflower pictured here are hardy down to around minus 10 C.  We hope to start harvesting next week and should be able to harvest for at least a month and then store for a couple months after that point.

I'm appreciating the shorter days too because we have to stop sooner and can get a longer night's rest.  


We are sending Acorn squash in the boxes this week.  Here is a picture of a squash that was cut in half, baked and then the seed cavity filled with a rice and sausage filling.




Tonight Bruce asked Kirsten to make a soup with sweet green peppers.  Here it is made with carrots and beef chunks cut up from a marinating steak.  It was delicious!



The pigs are growing quickly.  They love the shade of the trees and are doing a great job of clearing out the undergrowth so the trees can grow better.


The beef herd continues to do well.  I like the Belted Galloway calves that were born this year.  They are growing quickly and seem to have a calm nature.  The calves born last year are pretty wild and get through the fences a lot.  We have 8 calves born this spring and early summer and several of them have the distinctive white belt that you can see in the picture.

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