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Cows and wild turkeys, carrots and onions...

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Nollie hurt her foot so I had to move the cows tonight.  When I put the cows in their new pasture, we were greeted by around 25 wild turkeys.  They are along the upper edge of the pasture and near the apple trees there.  I've been told that a few people raised and released turkeys but also that they have been moving up from Maine.  Whatever the case they seem to be doing pretty well.




There are a number of old apple trees down the middle of the upper fields that have grown wild.  Guess who loves them! I had been hoping Kirsten could make wild apple jelly or even some apple sauce....



Our summer students are going back to school next week and we will have a much reduced crew.  We are trying to get all we can done this week.  

This includes weeding our winter carrots and harvesting onions.  Both are doing well.  The carrots have a long way to go but we find they are extra sweet and juicy if we start them later in the season and we have less trouble with wire worm and other pests.


Our onions have done really well this year - probably our best crop ever.  This is a bit surprising because onions need a lot of water and it has been a dry year.  The soil where they have grown is very biologically active with lots of organic matter so I think this has really helped hold the water.  The onion pictured here is a large sweet onion.  My hand is quite big and one onion fills it.

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