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Edible Pod Peas

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

For all our box customers, the peas you are getting this week in your boxes are edible pod peas and do not need to be shelled.  You eat the pod and all and we think they are best eaten raw. 

Just take the stem end and snap it back pulling the string off then you can eat them fresh just like that or you can chop them into a salad along with lettuce and broccoli as you can see pictured here.  I think these peas will become your new favorite!

  1. Tammy Crowley replied on :

    They're delicious as is! Had some with supper tonight. 😊

  2. Cathy O'Dell replied on :

    I am so happy to see them again in this week's box - loved them!!   Everything has been just fantastic!

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