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Enjoying the Sunny Weather!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

The sun is drying the fields up enough that we can continue planting.  Today was really busy and tomorrow we plan to continue though with fewer people.

This week we have planted most of the tomatoes in the cold frame, greenhouse, and outside.  We planted leeks and lettuce and started planting ground cherries too.  We also were able to get a lot of seeding done.


We planted more raspberry canes so that we can renew the stock that was here on the farm when we purchased it.  



The right picture shows planting strawberries today.  We have a few plants from last year, but not nearly enough for our long term needs.  Although these will not give us berries this year, they are a good investment for next year and the following.


We had another surprise today.  Our first 4 eggs from our organic chickens.  I was a bit nervous hoping we would have eggs when the boxes start up, so it is a relief that the hens are starting to lay.  Now we need to hurry up and get the nest boxes built...



Finally, a beautiful sunset, brought a great busy day to a close....


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