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Fall is Here....

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We had quite a severe T-storm here last Wednesday night and lost power until Thursday afternoon.  The bus decided not to start on Thursday and we had Open Farm day on Sunday so it was an event filled week to say the least.  We appreciate customers' understanding that we did not have swap boxes for Thursday and we will try to make the swap boxes generous this week.

If you look closely you will see a mark in the siding on our house just below and to the left of the attic window.  This was made when our trampoline blew up against the house where it also bent the antenna pole!  It flew on up the hill where its remains landed near our vegetable packing area.  The two chicken houses were picked up and moved as well, but incredibly, we had very few losses.  The weather station on the barn registered peak wind speed at 74 miles per hour (almost 120 km/hr.)!

It was beautiful weather for Open Farm day on Sunday when about 170 people came out to see the farm. They enjoyed seeing the cows eating the leftover stalks from the sweet corn, hens pecking around in the grass, meat chickens on pasture, and the pigs rooting in the soil.  They saw vegetables growing in blocks, the tomatoes in greenhouses, and got to witness the effects of the storm that passed through Wednesday night.  It is always great to have people come out and see the farm and gain an bit of appreciation for where food comes from.  We also had a lot of interest in our winter vegetable box program.


Here Bruce is showing off the farm to a friend from school. 

Looks like we could get a heavy frost tonight which will terminate some of the crops.  Being in the river valley can help delay frost but it looks like we might get hit this time....


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