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Fun and Anxiety with the calves

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have had a very eventful few days with Misty and her twin heifer calves.  Yesterday she clearly wanted to get out of her pen and go outside so we let her.  One of the calves did not want to go through the mud so it went out the other way and got separated.  The dogs thought this was great but did not help with catching the calf...










Once she was caught, the problem was how to get her up the field to her mama....







Ever seen a calf riding a wheeler?  It actually worked great and before long the family was happily together again.





This morning I let them out and later we found only one calf with her mother.  We looked for about 3 hours before finally finding the calf in the raspberry patch about 10 feet from where we lost it!  It was just the right color to blend in and not be noticed. 

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