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Getting ready for Rain plus More eggs Available!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Been a busy day getting ready for a rainy day tomorrow.  Had to pick the raspberries, green beans, cukes, and other things to be ready.  Raspberries will rot very quickly if picked when they are wet.

If you remember last week we had some hay that got rained on.  It was good and dry so we were able to bale and bring it in just as it started to rain today.  Here is a view from the tractor window.



The photo on the right is of Kirsten's dad, Norton, bringing a large load of mulch hay down the hill.  We need lots of mulch hay for mulching garlic, strawberries, and aisles so even though it is not feed quality hay, it will be put to good use.


Crops are growing well and we have lots of different vegetables at our roadside stand so if you live in the area, feel free to stop by.  The boxes will be well filled again this week  plus we will have some extras on the bus.


The egg production from the chickens is up again so we have opened up our website to more egg share sign ups.  You can now either sign up for eggs by the dozen or by the half dozen a week.  Here are the eggs fresh after collecting from the next boxes...



Here is a photo of a delicious supper Kirsten cooked the other night using hamburger, summer squash, broccoli and peas over rice.  

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