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Glad to have some Rain

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are really glad to have finally gotten some rain.  We had about 0.4" of rain over the weekend and today which has moistened the surface at least.  It is still dry but this has been enough for plants to continue growing again.  We can see the difference even in just a couple of days.

Unfortunately the rain caused the fence voltage to go down last night and the raccoons got through our fence.  They destroyed about half of this week's corn.  If they would just eat a few ears and finish them, I would not be so upset, but they go on a destroying binge pulling stalks down and taking a few bites then going on.  Norton got some traps today and is helping to deal with the issue and we are isolating the fence to be sure it has optimum voltage during the night when they are about.

The long and the short of it is that we won't have as much corn this year as we had hoped and we have almost none for our roadside stand.  The box customers are getting almost all of it and will probably only have it about 3-4 weeks. 

We are busy preparing land for next year and working on the soil fertility to help improve our harvests and decrease the number of weeds.  

We also purchased a couple of bee hives from my brother who has worked with a special system of treatment free beekeeping that aims to raise bees strong and healthy enough to resist pests and disease rather than requiring lots of pesticide and medicinal treatments.  So far the hives are doing well with the queen bees laying eggs and everyone busy.  We hope that these bees will help to keep our veggies well pollinated and hopefully provide some honey next year and beyond.  Many of the crops we grow rely on being pollinated by bees and other flying insects, without which, there would be nothing to harvest.  Some of these crops include squash, melons, cucumbers, and almost all fruits and berries.

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