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Grazing in February!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Amazing to see cows grazing in February.  The rain we had last week almost took out our driveway as it took all the snow away in a hurry.

The cows enjoyed a bit of fresh grass too.  The frost seems to be going very deep this year because there is no snow to insulate the ground.  I'm hoping this will not cause us too much trouble or damage the roots of blueberries and strawberries too much.  I guess there is really very little we can do but wait and see what happens and how things come out in the spring.

Last week at the height of the rain, the culvert was completely under water.  Fortunately I was able to break some ice and the water level receded back down a bit.  




Here is a view coming out the other side.




Although it has been alternatively wet and cold outside, we've been growing in our kitchen to keep up the supply of fresh greens.  These are pea shoots which taste really good and go very well in stir fries and salads.



Supper with polish sausage, pea shoots, and potato Latkes.

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