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Great Fall Weather Continues

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are happy to see some drier weather in the weather outlook.  Sure has been very wet.  Gratefully we had done a lot of ditching and road drainage so the rain did very little damage.  Most crops are done growing so the water is not hurting them either, it just makes working a bit more difficult.

We finished cleaning out the cherry tomato cold frames and have reseeded them to winter greens.  Hard to imagine that we are still seeding in unheated cold frames, but if all goes well, what we seed now should provide salad greens in January and February.


We have just one greenhouse left to seed.  This is the main greenhouse we used to start seedlings then it had a crop of regular tomatoes.  This greenhouse has a wood furnace so we can put some heat into it if we need to to hurry along the last seeding of greens.

We plan to plant our next year's garlic later this week.  We have ground prepared but it has been too wet to make the beds.  We also hope to harvest the rest of the cabbage and celery root.  After this week and next, it will be just our family for the farm work, so we are trying to get as much done as possible before our last two employees leave at the end of next week.



Here is a nice picture from up the hill looking back down on the farm.  Shows the colt as well in the foreground..  We have enjoyed a long season of beautiful fall colors!

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