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Great Fall Weather Continues

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Today is Thanksgiving Day and we do have a lot to be grateful for.  It has been a pretty good season over all and we have lots of veggies for our winter program.  We have also learned lots this year about the soil types and conditions on our farm.  In addition, we have made new contacts and worked up new land for next year.  

We were able to install a small heat pump in our sweet potato storage room and it is working really well.  The curing process is almost complete.  This includes several days of warm temperatures which set the skin and help the starches turn to sugars for best flavor.  Although the sweet potatoes themselves are smaller this year, they are still very good tasting and actually very easy to cook up.  We'll be sending recipes along with them to help you cook them easily.

We had planned on doing 100 winter boxes and we now have over 100 boxes ordered plus the orders are still coming!   Fall harvest has been good and we are able to increase our available boxes some, but I expect the increased numbers to be sold out in one to two weeks.  If anyone is waiting to sign up, I'd suggest you sign up soon...

We have recently gotten to know a couple who farmed Strawberries for many years.  They have a small sawmill and can custom cut boards for us.  We like to support the small local businesses in the area and it is great to be able to just go down the road and get the boards we need.

They are sawing up some 2X2 here for us to use as supports for our tunnels.


The pigs continue to grow well and are easy to care for.  They are too hard to catch and weigh, but we think they are probably about 200 pounds each. 

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