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Hot and Dry!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

As the weather man said on CBC today, many people in New Brunswick are enjoying the hot sunny weather but unfortunately this also means that many farmers are experiencing drought conditions.  The rain we expected a week ago amounted to very little in the end.  So far we've been OK, but the potatoes and cabbage are starting to show the lack of water.  Today I could see them wilting in the field under the full sun.

This is the week our first flock of organic pasture raised meat chickens wind up in the freezer.  Looks like we will have a good range of weights to suit different family sizes and we also plan to offer cut up chicken for those who prefer it this way.   We are not set up for online ordering at this point, but feel free to email us or ask about it on the bus for those who pick up from the bus.


Last winter Kirsten and Nollie planned a flower garden so we could offer cut flowers. 

 Many of these flowers are in full bloom so tonight they put together flower arrangements that we can bring on the bus for those of our Tuesday customers who would like to purchase them.  We also have flowers available daily at our roadside stand.



Corn is coming along well with our first corn probably ready either Friday or early next week.  We've seen some raccoons in the corn patch so we are setting up the fencing to keep them out.  Coons have a way of getting to it the day before you want to pick and they sure do make a mess.  They don't finish one ear before going on, they ruin whole sections, wasting far more than they eat.


We also have lots of tomatoes including some processing grade tomatoes so if you are ready to process and need  delicious vine ripened tomatoes, give us a call or send us an email.  The cost for processing tomatoes is $1.00 per pound or in larger volume they are  $15 for a 20 pound box.

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