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International CSA Sign Up day!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

February 28 is the day that has been designated as the "International CSA Sign Up day".  We often refer to our program as a veggie box program, but this is a type of CSA program.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and box programs are just one of many ways that CSA's operate.

Many farms have had to go huge (often incurring lots of debt) in order to support just one family because so much of the price you pay at the grocery store or supermarket goes to the middle men and not the farmer.  The CSA movement started about 25 years ago as a way to help support the farmer and get fresher higher quality food to the customer for a similar price to what the consumer would pay at the store. 

This concept has helped us and many other new farmers to be able to start farming and provide a living for our family.  It has also provided a convenient way for many of you to be able to get quality, organic, fresh veggies and incorporate more healthy eating into your diets. CSA farms sell in a variety of ways from giving a tab at a market, to box or bag programs like ours, to "all you can eat" programs but they all incorporate the concept that the customer makes a commitment to buy and the farmer makes a commitment to grow for them - a win win for everyone involved.

In spite of the cold winter weather (breaking lots of records from what I hear) we will be seeding tomatoes and leeks in the next few days in faith that spring will come again!  Our main focus for 2015 is to increase efficiency so that we keep our costs in line in spite of rising prices on almost everything we buy and the increase in minimum wage.

We would like to ask you to share this information with anyone you think might be interested in signing up.  Although we have many repeat customers, we also need new customers every year because we lose some due to moving to other parts of the country and a variety of other unavoidable reasons.  Actually if you are moving or have moved and want to find a similar program in another part of the country we can often help you find another farm.

We get many comments all through the season.  Here are a few we'd like to share with you:

"It is like getting a Christmas box every week!"

"Our kids look forward to the veggies and seeing what is coming each week!"

"I really enjoy the opportunity to learn about and cook with new vegetables that I would not have otherwise bought but have found are really good!"

"I enjoy the challenge of eating everything in my box every week!"

"You have made my family healthy!"

"My kids will eat veggies now when they would not before!"

It is not uncommon to have a parent who says "I never get to eat the cherry tomatoes because the kids eat them all before I get home!"

"Your carrots are amazing!"

We have joined the ACORN CSA Network where you can see an interactive map with many of our pick up locations plus those of other farms around the Maritimes.  There is lots more information including information on our meat boxes right here on our website or you can contact us from the information in the Contact Us page.

In spite of the fact that is cold here this morning as I get the fire going and I will have to go out and tend the livestock in a very cold barn,  spring has to be coming and we are really looking forward to it!  As we plan the crops and start seeding, we ask that you plan ahead too and go to our Sign Up page to secure your spot so we can make sure all these veggies have good homes.




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