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January Thaw

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

A couple weeks ago we were dealing with -30 degree weather and snow all over and now it is plus 6 - Wow!  We do some local snow removal and from December 15th to the end of the month we plowed out 5-6 times depending on the customer.  We normally only plow 8-10 times a season so the snow sure started out with a bang but now it is all melting away.

Even though they were covered, the cold weather did affect the greens in the unheated tunnels and to a much lesser extent the greens in the greenhouse.  The good news is that this warm spell has allowed us to heat the greenhouse enough to provide some growth.  I'm hoping the salad mix will grow enough to allow for fresh greens for our boxes in February.

I've talked with a number of farmers in the Northeast both in the US and in the Maritimes here and this year has been unusually difficult to grow winter greens.  There has been so little sun that the greenhouses are not warming up in the day.

In light of this, we will be moving toward putting more fall greens into storage rather than trying to rely on winter growth.

The other interesting thing we have been working on over the last couple weeks is making specialty sausage.  We bought a smoker and have just finished smoked salami and smoked Polish sausage.  We used wild apple wood for the smoke and the flavour is really good.  

The salami is cooked, sliced and ready to eat.

This is also the time of year for us to plan next years' crops, and order seeds, do building projects, etc.  We are planning to increase our production of livestock and of crops for next year.  

Here is a picture of a squash pineapple bake topped with marshmallows that Kirsten made last night. 

Even though it is winter and the vegetable list is not so exciting, we can still enjoy really great local meals.  Part of the fun is taking ordinary veggies and turning them into special dishes.

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