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Just back from ACORN organic conference

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

I've gotten a bit behind on our blog.  We've been really busy after all our hired help has gone.  There is still a lot to do to get ready for winter along with getting the winter program worked out.  Add to this, the ACORN organic conference was last week.

As always, the conference was a really good experience.  Learned new things, spoke with other farmers doing similar things, and saw some really great organic produce and compared our systems with others to be sure we are on track.  Sometimes it seems difficult to take the time to go and a challenge to come up with the finances required, but after an event like this, I realize how important it is that we talk to others and keep learning on a regular basis.  It is easy to become discouraged and easy to have tunnel vision - just seeing what is ahead in our little world.  Events like this are encouraging as well as challenging and mind opening.

We finished digging our main supply of winter carrots last week.  This was a big job and took many hours, but we have 2,000-3,000 pounds of very beautiful carrots stored for winter.

We also finished cutting our brussels sprouts and putting them in storage along with the leeks, celeriac, cabbage, etc.


The cows love to eat up all the remnants from the broccoli, cauliflower, corn, etc.   Not only do they save us the job of chopping or tilling in the crop, it also provides feed for the animals at a time when a lot of the other feed has been eaten up.  



This picture to the right shows what it looks like when they are finished!




We are also working to get the chickens all winterized and ready for the cold.  They can take cold temperatures, but it is stressful on them and they eat a lot more.  A well insulated house keeps them happy and saves on the grain - their single biggest expense.


This is the second week of our winter program.  We are allowing custom ordering along with the regular box sign ups.  This is something we are too busy to do in the summer but we are trying during the winter while we are a little less busy.

We have beef, chicken, lots of eggs, and a whole array of vegetables available.


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