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Just back from Switzerland

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Through generous gifts from my parents and extended family plus air miles on our VISA card, Kirsten and I were able to take our first vacation together in years and Kirsten was able to meet my relatives in Switzerland for the first time, including my 100 year old grandfather.  We had a very special trip including a day of skiing in the Swiss Alps with my two uncles.  

Here is the Saturday market on the street in Lausanne in the French speaking part of southern Switzerland near where we stayed, the city my grandmother is from.  The streets were crowded both with vendors and people.  Some local and some from Italy and France which are neighboring countries.



Cheese vendor with special truck for selling on the street.  There were probably 10-15 of these in the market square.




Street in town with a few vans working their way through the people.





Some new things we plan to try this year including Rapon for salad mix and Belgian Endive.  I'll post more pictures on our Facebook page.

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