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Just one week until boxes start!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

The gardens are growing well in spite of the late spring.  We are pleased to see how most crops are doing including the peas and beans pictured here.  Unfortunately the ground hogs thought they were good too.  The ground hogs tested everything and then singled out the purple beans as being best!  This is the first year we've grown purple beans so maybe we will think they are best too...  As much as I like wild life, I figure they need to find their own food and not eat ours  so we put up a fence to keep them out. They managed to get through the first two wire fence but I think we have now outsmarted them with our coon fence that uses electrified netting...


Melons are doing very well too with the first flowers showing.  If all goes well we should have melons in early August!



We planted about an acre of sweet potatoes last week.  They don't look like much when we get them - just  stick with a few brown leaves.  In a few short days, however, there will be new shoots coming out the leaf nodes that will grow into a large plant to fill out the rows.

We still have some room in the program for a few more sign ups if anyone else would like to join.  We look forward to seeing many of you in a week!

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