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Last Week of Summer/Fall Boxes

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have finally come to the last week of the summer/fall boxes!  It is a time of year when the weather can quickly go from pleasant and warm to windy and cold.  We saw our first few snow flakes today!  Over all this has been a very mild fall which has really helped us make up for the wet cool summer growing conditions.  Broccoli and Cauliflower have held out later than ever along with beet greens and chard allowing us to keep more of the hardy crops for our sold out winter program.  We hope this will allow us to add in the people from the waiting list but we want to complete more of the harvest to make sure there will be plenty for everyone.

Working with gloves in the cold makes it harder to take pictures around the farm, but here is a photo of some of the nicest Brussels sprouts I've ever seen.   We still have quite a few crops in the ground, but we are pretty much on schedule to get everything done in time.  Leaving carrots, rutabaga (turnip), parsnips, and kale to get a good freeze helps bring out their best flavour and waiting to harvest until the outside temperatures are cold, helps reduce the added cost of running refrigeration.  

Next week we plan to bring in a lot of the root crops, mulch strawberries and garlic, and generally finish up for winter.  The winter boxes start the following week on November 13 or 14 depending on pick up location.

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