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Last Week of Winter Program

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

This is the last week of our winter program.  We are planning to send a generous amount of potatoes and carrots plus we will have extra if you want to order extra to carry you through for a few more weeks.  They will store for several more weeks if kept in a cool place.  Carrots and potatoes like  +2 to 3C but potatoes can take it warmer up to +5 or 6C.

Looks like we will have a good amount of salad mix for this week's boxes too plus spinach for Add On orders.

We don't have to get as much from the store as most of you because we have a lot here, but even still we have to shop for some things.  We have a little discussion with our 5 year old before going into the store explaining that we cannot buy everything that looks good and limiting the purchases ahead of time.  Even still, it is not uncommon for Kirsten to look a bit frazzled or even heave a big sigh when exiting the store with one of the kids.

I was at a meeting of organic New Brunswick growers last week and learned that online ordering is becoming a much bigger thing.  Actually, people who buy online can afford to buy organic products at a slightly higher price and still end up saving compared with going to the grocery store.  If you have kids you can also avoid the 101 requests to buy this or that.  How often do we end up leaving the store with quite a bit more than we intended - marketers really know how to do it....

With online ordering, you can save money, save time, and save hassle.  We have not offered online ordering of meats and other things in the summer but we are planning to continue meats into the summer for those picking up at our stand and from our bus at least.  

Some of you may be wondering how to get eggs and meats between now and when the summer season starts.  True Foods on Charlotte Street in Fredericton and Sequoia Whole Foods in Moncton are both going to carry our eggs so you can stop in and buy them when you are in town as you need them.  For meats, we plan to offer a monthly pick up here at the stand and in Fredericton.  This will be scheduled for the end of March, the end of April, and the end of May and we will let you know ahead so you can order.

We have friends that have been to New Zealand, on cruises in the Carribean, and going to Disney next week.  Well as farmers we can't leave the farm for that, but it does not prevent us from enjoying a good book in a sunny warm place.  For Kirsten the book is about Social Injustice and for me it is Natural Beekeeping.  When we compared notes about what we were reading we had a really good laugh!


Here is Bruce enjoying his trucks in the one small unused area of garden bed.


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