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Last week of our Winter Season!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have finally come to our last week of the winter box season and we are hoping to have the storages pretty much empty by the end of the week.  We are going to take one week off before we start the greenhouse and plunge into the spring season with transplants,equipment maintenance, and all.  It has been a busy winter, but I think over all it has gone well.  

For those who would like to continue to get eggs until the summer box starts again, please be sure to sign up using the "Sign Up" tab.  For those who enjoy our meats, we suggest you order now and then send us an email if you would like an order between now and spring.  We don't plan to have a regular ordering system for meat, but are very happy to take care of requests by email.

Our new flock of hens is now laying and we have lots of eggs!  Here is a photo of the new nest box with Tinkerbell looking on.  The new boxes have one door for access and have removable mats to allow for much easier cleaning.  We are working on getting the chickens trained to lay in the next boxes  The eggs that are laid in the box take a fraction of the time to clean compared to those laid on the floor.

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