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Last week of the Summer/Fall Program and What a week it is!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

This weekend and then today were some of our most challenging days as farmers.  I'm going to tell a little story in pictures and then show you what our crew had to go through to get product harvested for boxes this week....

Sunday morning started out a beautiful day however....



All that snow stuck to the fence wires and pulled the fence down.  I woke up to the dog barking and the cows at the barn eating chicken grain!  They were about a km out in their field...



I got them back up to their field with significant effort but they were not impressed.  We took them hay and that settled them down.  The highlight was that Bruce loved the snow and loved throwing snow balls.

I had to leave early for snow plowing this morning and again the cows showed up at the barn but this time determined to stay so much so that Kirsten headed for the shot gun.  Her better judgment prevailed (well we hope it was better judgment) and they were all still alive when I got home.  I'm not sure they realize the gravity of the situation nor what a close shave they had with premature hamburger....


I had to plow a path into the Brussels sprouts.  The truck still got stuck and needed to be pulled out but at least the crew did get everything harvested that we need.



Now I have to say that this is a pretty dedicated crew to be willing to go through this so that we can get the boxes to everyone on time.


We also had to dig carrots out from under a foot of snow as well as the kale.  

This will be a nice box in spite of everything but I'm sure glad to be moving to the winter box soon.

We normally wait until the first or second week of November to harvest our carrots.  This makes them exceptionally tasty and sweet all winter long.  On Saturday I picked up a mechanical carrot harvester rented from another farmer but I don't know if we will be able to use it.  There are thousands of pounds of carrots to harvest - too many to do by hand.  

Here is Shirley helping Kirsten harvest the Kale.  I really hope the snow goes quickly and we get a little more nice weather.  We are not ready for this snow to stick around.

Kirsten's father was out hunting this morning and he said in all his hunting years (close to 70) he has never seen this much snow during hunting season.


Even the pigs are barely venturing out of their house.  I guess they have an excuse as this is the first snow they have ever seen, but I think everything is caught a bit off guard.

If anyone is still planning to sign up for the winter program and has not done so, please remember to do it soon.

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