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Last week of winter boxes!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

This is our last week of winter boxes for the season.  We are almost sold out of everything from last year's crop though we still have lots of meat plus salad mix and spinach growing in the greenhouse.  We will continue to have eggs through the spring season as well.

It is hard to believe that we need to seed tomatoes and leeks this weekend with onions and peppers to follow soon after.  We barely finish one season and it is time to start the next!  We are looking forward to the change of pace and not having to pack boxes for a few weeks.

Our spinach has done really well in the greenhouse this winter.  The salad mix is easier to harvest but the spinach grows back more quickly and people seem to prefer it over the salad mix.  You have to say though, both are pretty special for this time of year!

It is our first winter of keeping pigs and we are looking forward to our first litters of piglets this spring.  Although pigs do not have thick coats like cows or horses, they have a fat layer to keep them warm and they make hay nests too.

The pigs have continued to do well with the cows.  The cows like to eat the hay from their nest so a strand of electric fence put higher than the pig's backs allows them to get out of the main cow pen to their own spot while giving them freedom to go outside and get exercise when they want it.  If it is really cold out the pigs will almost completely bury themselves in the hay.  I've been worried with all this cold, but they seem to be able to handle it remarkably well.  We give them extra feed on cold days to make sure they have all the energy they need to keep warm.



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