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Melons and Blueberries

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Our melons have done very well this year and are early so we can send them in the boxes already.  We have three types that will be coming in boxes this week.  For the most part Cantaloupe will be going in the full boxes because it is the larger melon.  

The half boxes will get one of either of two kinds of melons.  The one pictured here to the right is an Asian melon called Sun Jewel. It tastes a bit like a pear and has a similar consistency.  The flesh is firm so we suggest you peel it and then cut it up into cubes prior to eating.  

The other melon that is ready is a honey dew type with crisp orange flesh.  It is deliciously sweet and we also recommend you cut it into cubes prior to eating.  It is a bit too crisp to spoon out like a cantaloupe.


Our blueberries are still young so we are sourcing spray free blueberries from two local farms so that you can enjoy some.  This will probably be the only week we send blueberries in the boxes.  We have a few raspberries left which we hope to sell at our stand and from the bus.

We plan to have sweet corn at our stand this week and in boxes next week if all goes well.

Last week I mentioned that we have had trouble finding good help but I also wanted to say that we have found a few who are doing very well - we just need more like them.  We appreciate their hard work and willingness to work in the hot sun.  We have tractor cultivation equipment, but some jobs are still faster and done better with hand tools such as this wheel hoe.

Here is a picture of last night's supper.  Kirsten always amazes me at what she can create with vegetables.  The main dish was pork chops with Swiss Chard over rice.  The side is broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.  She's been asked if she ever thought of making a cook book.  If she ever has time I'm sure it would be a good one!

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