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Mild and Wet!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Last week I thought our growing season was about over.  Amazingly things are still growing and ripening up in this mild weather.  The cold night predicted last Thursday ended up giving us only a light frost which affected the basil but not much else.

There are still lots of veggies in the garden and there are a growing number in storage that are being set aside for our winter program.  

Here is a link to our anticipated price list along with the expected duration of the supply.  Retail Price List

You can sign up to be able to order from this list or sign up for a box option this winter season.  For more information on our winter program go to "Our Box Options" tab in the website header.

We have seeded quite a few fall crops including spinach, salad mixes, beet greens, and even a salad green grown in Switzerland called Marche.  We plan to offer these fresh greens into January and hopefully later - maybe even through until the last winter box in early March. 


Leeks are another cold hardy plant.  One of my favorite soups is potato leek soup.  We were able to hill the soil up around these so they will have some really nice white stems at the bottom.

We are waiting for things to dry up a bit before we harvest our regular potatoes.  I'm hopeful we can get them out of the ground by the end of the week, but time will tell....

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