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More boxes available and recipe ideas

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Our weekly boxes are full now with a great selection of veggies.  Surveys conducted in the past have shown that our customers wanted more broccoli, cauliflower, and peas.  So far we have been able to send more of these three items then we ever have before.  Hopefully all our customer are enjoying these.  

Feel free to pass the word around that there are a few more box openings if you know of anyone else interested in getting a weekly box.

It looks like broccoli will last for another couple of weeks then there will be a break from it until the fall.  Cauliflower should last a little longer before it takes a break till fall.

The sweet corn is about a week from being ready to pick and the melons are about a week away as well.  Both crops have done well so we are looking forward to enjoying them and sharing them with all our customers.

Early carrots have not been so great because we had issues with lots of weeds.  We are able to send some this week but we probably won't be able to send them every week as we have in the past.

Looking farther out, the squash is doing really well and so is the fall/winter cabbage. Here is a photo from last week looking out over the squash patch.  We used to use transplants for squash but more recently we have changed to seeding directly in the ground and this is working well for us.  The wind destroyed our protective cover, but the crop was large enough by then that it has done just fine.



Squash, melons, cucumbers, and other similar crops rely entirely on bees for pollination.  We watch the bees closely to make sure pollination is happening as it should.  Here is a bumble bee coming out of a beautiful squash flower.




Here are a few pictures taken from meals we have had over the past few days. 

kabobs from Bruce's birthday party


We had kabobs at Bruce's birthday party Saturday night.  We could use a little practice getting everything cooked just right, but it was fun and looks really nice.






Kirsten put this veggie platter together for the party too.  The white wedges on the left are the purple skinned kohlrabi which we plan to send in this week's boxes.  




Kirsten made this delicious stir fry with peas, tomatoes, summer squash, and cabbage and served it on rice along with our smoked ham.

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