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More water plus a new batch of chicks!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We sure have had a lot of water in the last couple of weeks!  I spent several hours this weekend ditching and redirecting the water off our driveway and our farm road.   For most crops the extra water is not a problem.  We have one variety of potatoes yet to harvest so we are hoping it will dry up a bit.


Last week we got our new chicks for our next laying hen flock.  They are so cute and so much fun when they are freshly hatched!  Bruce enjoyed helping unload them from the boxes into the pen we have prepared for them.


The chicks are doing well and growing quickly.  Their wing feathers are starting to form.  They appear to be quite a bit more content and settled down then the last batch.  We hope that by starting them earlier in the year while the weather is a bit warmer, the flock will have less stress and do better over the long term.


Sounds like we are going to get our first really hard frost tonight.  I've been working on getting a gravity water supply set up for our cows so that they can continue to have a good water supply even if we have heavy freezes.  

Our calves are growing well - hard to believe they are only about 5 months old.  This years calves won't be ready until next fall, so we are finishing some calves we got from  a neighbor and hope to be able to supply beef in early November.

It is sad to hear about all the beef recalls happening across the country and even sadder to think that people have had to suffer.  This is, however, a very good reason to buy local and buy grass fed.  The problems with aggressive E.coli strains come from feedlots where the calves are fed high protein diets in close quarters to get maximum weight gain.  Cows are made to eat grass and live out on the range so cows in their natural habitat eating their natural foods do not get these aggressive strains of disease.  It is healthier for the animal and healthier for us...

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  1. Andrew Trevors replied on :

    Well said Tim (re:E.coli being a symptom of feedlot production)!

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