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Moving into New Warehouse!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Three years ago we purchased a used walk-in cooler and freezer.  Kirsten's brother put it together on skids in an old woodshed on the farm.  We knew it would have to move someday.  Well yesterday was the day!  Sharpe's towing brought it down and put it in the warehouse for us.  It was a tight fit but everything went well and it was wired and running again within a few hours.

The next job was to remove the old building from in front of the warehouse.  It was too big and heavy for Sharpe's to move so we jacked it and put logs under it.  The surprise came when the skidder could not pull it!  In the end we hooked the tractor to the skidder and the two of them were able to move it.  We may have to wait until the ground freezes this fall to move it to its final resting place, but for now it is out of the way.

Our hens have been moved down over the hill to next year's veggie fields.  They will clean up weeds, feed on insects and grubs, and leave their fertilizer behind enriching the soil for next year.  They mobile hay wagon trailers make moving the hens much easier.

We have one cat that always manages to find the best places to sleep.  Thought you might appreciate this picture.  Now if we could just teach him to run the mower ...

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